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I don’t want the toys that came in the box. I want the box.

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New truck driver is being born.

funny people caption

Owner said meow. He understands my language!

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Oh stop… You make me blush…

funny animals captions

They said carrots would be good fo my eyes. They lied!

funny animals

Really? I have something on my face? Where?

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I’d like to thank my fan for coming out tonight!

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When I run out of makeip I use nutella.

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If I just keep looking cute they’ll surely blame the dog.

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Oh my gosh! look at how cute my butt is!

funny cat

The red dot is looking for revenge! Hide, you fool!

funny cats captions

So you’re telling me the ball never left your hand?

funny cute animals

Hey! A little privacy please!

funny dog picture with caption

Everyone! Chill the fuck down! I got this shit!

funny fail

It’s friday, let me guess… You’re leaving me with grandma again?

funny friday baby


A guy that shaves his arms and legs probably shaves his vagina too.

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Red bull gives you wings. Vodka gives you 4×4

funny pictures with captions

Stop! I’m gonna pee! Funny pics with captions!

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Back off! I know Kung Fu!

kung fu bear funny animals with caption

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